What can you do in a detox process? Some frequently asked Questions


Every day we eat lots of harmful chemicals. Do you wonder how? Well, we all have to eat processed food. Tomato sauce, canned meat, canned food, processed food etc. have made our lives easier but also comes with some added chemicals that are harmful to our body in the long run. Almost all of the popular boxed meals contain preservatives. All of these chemical substances increase the toxicity of our body. So you might need to do a total wellness cleanse to have a better life. The first question in your mind will be what cleansing is. To understand this thing you need to understand how our body and mind works. Our inner organs try to grab all the nutrients and remove the wastage of our body through digestion system. The liver helps to clean any harmful substance that goesinto our body and helps to give us a better life. Our kidneys also work like a purifier of the things we eat. Our body needs to work a lot to get rid of the toxins we intake every day.

When you perform the cleansing process, you need to increase the amount of fluid intake and get rid of any high sugar item. Also, you need to avoid any kind of processed food and try to eat freshly made foods. Some commonly asked questions about detox system are explained below:

Q: What foods can you eat on a detox cleanse?

-          The truth is you cannot eat any processed food while you are in thedetox process. We have stated this in the above para too. A lot of people do not know the harm canned food can cause. While on a detox process you need to try 100% to eat freshly made foods. It is better if you eat at home. Restaurants often use tasting salts that can increase the health risk. Chocolate, coffee with creamer, tobacco, alcohol, trans fat foods all of these are forbidden in a detox process. You can drink black coffee or green tea obviously without sugar. You will need some sugar which you should get from the fruits and vegetables you eat.

Q: Is there any medical proof?

-          The truth is there is no medical proof of having a detox diet plan. But if you look closely at the habit then you will know how much this process can help. You are not allowed to have sugar, you are also not allowed to have preservatives and harmful chemicals. Rather you will have to drink a lot of good foods that will wash all the toxic minerals away from your body.

Q: What extra can you do?

-          You can make an exercise plan with the detox food you are eating. This is better for your overall health. Exercise will help you burn extra fat and also help you to regain stamina in a short period of time. The overall process will help you to get fitter and happier.